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#ICYMI:”Trump’s An ***hole” By James Corden & Denis Leary

In case you missed it, Denis Leary and James Corden dressed up as Bill and Hillary Clinton to perform a modified and slightly censored version of Denis’ classic song “***hole” on CBS’ Late Late Show With James Cordon. The political cos-play fueled sing-along was obviously done to poke fun at Republican Nominee, Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, specifically tailoring the lyrics around the many polarizing gaffs that cause Mr. Trump’s problematic media coverage. It’s quite a TV moment.

For those of you that don’t know, this is a reworked version of the 1993 track of the same name, which served as the lead single for Denis Leary’s No Cure for Cancer comedy album on A&M Records. It has often been used as the opening theme song for Howard Stern and several other shock jocks in the radio business. It was classified as “a minor hit” when a censored version of the song received airplay from MTV and Canada’s Much Music network, making it one of the most popular 100 music videos of that year.

Denis Leary 

“”***hole” (Explicit lyrics)

From: No Cure for Cancer

A&M Records