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#ICYMI: TLC Ex-Manager Suing Over VH1 Movie For $40 Million

video still from VH1 Movie Crazy Sexy Cool

90’s R&B trio TLC have more drama to deal with from their former manager Perri “Pebbles” Reid. In case you missed it, TMZ reported earlier this week that the group’s former manager is claiming that VH1’s bio pic about the group, “Crazysexycool” assassinated her character, portraying her as a liar and a cheat. She says that the film falsely depicted her pressuring Chilli to get an abortion, pushing T-Boz to ignore her health issues to continue progressing with the group, and only giving the group $25 a week for spending money.

Reid says that she actually invested a lot her time and money into the three girls of TLC, and created one of the best selling female singing groups of all time. The film, which first premièred last year, has aired several times since then and ruined her reputation. Pebbles   is suing for $40 million.

Crazy Sexy Cool (Trailer)