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#ICYMI: Taylor Swift Rocks Actual Deadpool Costume For Halloween

In case you missed it, Taylor Swift took the celebrity Halloween costume game to a lever that may have never been seen before. According to photos posted to T-Swizzy’s Instagram, actor/producer Ryan Reynolds loaned her the actual Deadpool costumes from Fox and Marvel’s blockbuster. This naturally led to a comment explosion that included a shout out from Ryan’s wife, actress Blake Lively, which read: “HUSBAND UPGRADE!

Deadpool is no stranger to the hype of Halloween related press. Last year Ryan took the suit out and did a home video, behaving like the wise cracking character while surprising actual trick-or-treaters dressed as X-Men. The clip was such a hit it led to him teaming up with 20th Century Fox to use it as part of an award winning ad campaign. We wonder what Mr. Pool will do for Halloween 2017?

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