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#ICYMI: Scott Weiland’s Final Performance Surfaces As An Unnamed Source Suspects Drug Use Involved In Death

Update: TMZ is now reporting that Scott Weiland’s band mate, Tommy Black has been arrested for cocaine possession.

They are saying that the Police told them that  they found a small quantity of a suspected controlled substance that field tested positive as cocaine in the bedroom where Scott was found.

Tommy Black Mugshot Courtesy Of

Tommy Black Mugshot Courtesy Of


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In the wake of learning that Scott Weiland died this morning, fans have been reflecting on his discography, playing their favorite videos, and pondering his place in music history, as those that knew him react to their loss via social media. Given that his last performance was only two days ago, that too quickly became part of the morning process. Check out the related video, which was shot by a fan attending the Wildabouts concert at Adelaide Hall in Toronto. In it you’ll see the former Stone Temple Pilots front-man playing “Vasoline” at his final concert.

In related news, TMZ, who broke this story, has come forward saying that an unnamed music star source said that Scott had been using crack cocaine, which allegedly caused him complications and a reported overdose. Minnesota Authorities have not confirmed this. As many fans already know, Scott has had a long history with an addition to heroin