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#ICYMI: Robin Thicke’s Contribution To X-Men: Days OF Future Past

Clizbeats’ Made Image of Robin Thicke With X-Men Characters

Well, the cast of X-Men Days Of Future Past has been everywhere doing all kinds of press, promoting their new mega-hit film. Understandably, that’s gotten to be hard work, and doing enough pitching to help your film earn $111 million in opening weekend can be quite tiring. So, what do the world’s favorite mutants do when they need a pick me up? Well, the group’s clawed leader, Wolverine, aka Hugh Jackman, plays Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines!”

That’s right! Incase you missed it; let’s back up just a bit. The X crew made big headlines earlier this month via The Gram Norton Show, when during what was otherwise a seemingly normal talk show visit, Jackman revealed that he played Thicke’s hit tune on the Days Of Future Past set whenever he felt like he needed to motivate his younger co-stars, James Mcavoy, and Michael Fassbender. This was especially true with Fassbender for some reason. They reenacted it for everyone on the show, and it was fantastic! check it out!

The X-Men Cast Dances To “Blurred Lines” 

From: The Gram Norton Show

BBC America

Hugh apparently used a similar tactic when the trio began to drag during those many press interviews too. As they were pumping out interview after interview during a press junket that lead up to the film’s release, Jackman very hilariously “phone bombed” Mcavoy, and Fassbender, during their interview for Beyond The Trailer with one of our favorite comic commentators, Grace Randolph.

Although she was probably in the process of being awesome as usual, Hugh couldn’t help but steal the show and make one of the coolest movie interview moments we’ve seen. She was kind enough to put up the interview’s raw take so we could see for ourselves. Check it out below.

Interview by Grace Randolph

Hugh Jackman Interrupts X-Men Interview With  “Blurred Lines”

Beyond The Trailer 

PS: Thicke’s got some good news too.   He is most added and greatest gainer this week to Urban AC radio for his new relationship driven single, “Get Her Back.”

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