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#ICYMI: Rapper Joe Budden Plans To Hit The Strip Club After Being Arrested For Beating His Girlfriend

Joe Budden

Rapper Joe Budden has turned himself in to New York City police after being accused of beating his girlfriend this morning. TMZ reports that he was charged with robbery and grand larceny for allegedly taking his girlfriend’s cell phone during a violent assault. Sources say Budden was enraged when he discovered pictures of his girlfriend with other men on her phone.

Reports indicate that Budden allegedly beat her brutally in his car, slamming her head into the dashboard and choking her after he found her at a restaurant. Sources also say that he then drove to his house where the beating continued.  Playing into the crappiest of Hip Hop stereotypes, Budden sent out a cocky tweet, saying “I’ll be out in time for the strip club later.”

Even if he is actually innocent, saying that in writing on social media paints him to be pretty classless. In contrast, his lawyer Nima Ameri offered something a bit more filtered as an official statement to TMZ.

Ameri said that Joe Budden “looks forward to an opportunity to responsibly deal with and address the allegations so he may establish the actual facts.” He say the rapper is cooperating with the investigation and the facts will “demonstrate the truth of Mr. Budden’s involvement and the real events that transpired.”

New Jersey police are currently investigating the case.