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#ICYMI: Rapper 21 Savage’s Lawyer On ICE’s Controversial Arrest

In case you missed it, MSNBC’s The Beat aired an exclusive interview with the lawyer for Grammy-nominated Rapper 21 Savage Tuesday. This is because Savage was now infamously detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials over a week ago, and since then he’s become a lightning rod for the politically charged topic of immigration. In the clip above host Ari Melber discusses the rapper’s impending release and the inherent political symbolism that comes with 21’s celebrity status.

Lawyer Alex Spiro became involved in 21 Savage’s case after the attention of his client, rapper and businessman Jay Z, was brought to the issue. Spiro tells Melber that despite ICE officials claiming 21 Savage is a convicted criminal, he is not and the legal team is not sure why officials tried to “sully the record”. It is a must watch.