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#ICYMI: Prosecutor Wants Chris Brown Behind Bars

Chris Brown In Court Earlier This Week

by: Smashley Nicole

What a week it has been for Chris Brown. On Monday February 3, an LA judge kept Brown from going to jail in his Rihanna assault case. According to NY Daily News, Judge James Brandlin said, “Brown appeared to be showing progress in his anger management rehab program and should stay put for the foreseeable future.”

However, in a new statement released by TMZ, the prosecutor involved in the case wants Brown behind bars. In fact, prosecutors asked the judge to throw the R&B singer in jail immediately, and also requested to set a probation violation hearing. The prosecutors claim “Brown’s violent behavior continues to increase in severity and frequency” and continue by saying he poses, “an increasing danger to society.”

Also going on this week, in the case where Chris allegedly hit a man outside a Washington hotel he was offered a plea deal. According to the Detroit Free Press, Chris was offered a deal by prosecutors in which the singer would plead guilty to the misdemeanor assault charges he faces. Danny Onnato, one of Brown’s lawyers rejected the offer, as he believes Brown is not guilty. A trial has been set for February 20 regarding this case. Brown’s bodyguard, Christopher Hollosy also faces an assault charge in the case, as he is also accused of striking the man outside the W hotel. Hollosy was offered the same deal as Brown, and also rejected.

Allegedly, “Prosecutors said in court they will be turning over substantial video surveillance shortly, but did not disclose what it shows.” Brown is scheduled to return to court on February 10 for an update on his progress in rehab.

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