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#ICYMI: More Bieber Roast Clips Released

(Clips Contain Mild Adult Language)

Comedy Central continues to release clips from the highly anticipated “Bieber Roast.” Clips released on Monday show that the “Baby” singer isn’t the only one getting ribbed.  Comedian Natasha Leggero did her part to give it to roast master Kevin Hart. In this latest clip she knocks his 5’4 stature and essentially calls on lookers dumb. If you need a good chuckle watch the video above.

If you like what you see, you’ll love the comedy of none other than Martha Stewart. In her clip she takes time to rip on Snoop Dogg, hinting at his very publically known love for certain substances, she reminisces on the time that Snoop appeared on her show, Martha Stewart Living to make brownies. Like Natasha’s bit, it is another great example why the Bieber Roast is can’t miss event TV in a very unique way. Comedy Central’s Bieber Roast airs on Monday March 30th at 10/9c.

Martha Stewart Making Brownies With Snoop Dogg

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