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#ICYMI: March, The Month Of Topless Miley

Miley Cyrus

by Smashley Nicole

Earlier this month, Miley’s nipples made yet another appearance in W magazine.

Lets backtrack for a second, just incase you missed this.  Miley supports a movement called, “Free the nipple” which is aimed at ending censorship on female nipples. She has in fact helped the movement by posting this photo on her Twitter……..

"Free The Nipple" Image via Miley Cyrus' Twitter

“Free The Nipple” Image via Miley Cyrus’ Twitter

With the caption,  “‪@freethenipple ❤❤❤❤:” and consistently posting her thoughts on the subject, “Free The Nipple” will also be a movie, and the creator gives full credit to Miley for the exposure they have gotten, for that full story click here.

So, Miley has apparently taken it upon herself to take this from Twitter to big name magazines, as previously mentioned. In my opinion the photos are very classy, W magazine, gave her long blonde lock and took away her eyebrows, she is covered with a pillow on the cover, but the photos and interview inside are less concealing. According to Rolling Stone, there are 7 things you can learn about Miley reading her W interview, she believes “you don’t need to have long blonde hair or big titties”, ”she is not found of children”, and the quote that has accusations of her possibly being racist, “The controversy over the roles black people and little people play in her concerts does not bother her.” To read more about what you can learn about Miley check out the full article here

Miley is apparently on THREE covers of German Vogue in March. She  shared the photos from this shoot via Twitter:

W Magazine cover

Miley Cyrus On “W” Magazine

“German Smilers make sure to pick up German Vogue by Mario Testino ❤”

Other controversial photos from the Vogue shoot have hit the Internet, including this one with Miley in bed with two men.


Miley Cyrus In Bed With Two Men For German Vogue Photo Shoot

Miley Cyrus In Bed With Two Men For German Vogue Photo Shoot


Miley’s Vogue cover has been compared to both Marilyn Monroe and Madonna. I hate to admit it, but I kind of love her blond ambition look. Do you agree or do you miss old Miley?

According to New York Daily News, the rise in magazine covers is apart of Miley’s promotion for her upcoming Bangerz tour. Check out their full story on Vogue here

Speaking of promotional photos, incase you missed it…Apparently large hot dogs (literally) are going to be apart of the show, check out the photo Miley tweeted with the caption, “#bangerztour 1 week”

Miley Vogue Photos Via Twitter

Miley Vogue Photos Via Twitter


On a side note, did you happen to catch Miley Cyrus on Jay Leno, offering Justin Bieber some pretty great advice?

If you missed it check it out below.

Miley Cyrus Gives Justin Bieber Advice

On The Tonight Show With Jay Leno 


That broadcast was also Jay Leno’s last show after 22 years of being on the air. We would like to take a moment to thank him for all the great shows, and wish him well on his future endeavors.

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