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#ICYMI: Lea Michele Opens Her Heart With Fantastic Debut Album

Lea Michele “Louder” Columbia Records

by Smashley Nicole

Lea Michele is branching out from her “Glee” character, Rachel Berry and we couldn’t be more thrilled. Lea released her debut album Louder earlier this week. Wednesday morning the singer was interviewed on Good Morning America where she spoke about her brand new album, the untimely loss of her boyfriend Cory Monteith, and her move from New York City to LA.

She also teases a possible future world tour…You can check out that full interview below.

If you’ve heard the album already you know, it shows a very personal side of the actress. With the hit debut single “Cannonball”, which is about growing from a dark period, and a “new beginning”.

Along with the heart wrenching song about Cory, “If You Say So”(Click here to listen)  where she bares her soul while remembering and missing her late boyfriend, the album also includes a  wide range of sounds to offer fans. It tells stories of happiness, features songs of sadness, and sorrow, and is truly impressive overall. Put simply, the album is really good and deserves a listen!  You can check out a full review of the album here.

In other Lea news, she is also getting ready to release her debut book called “Brunette Ambition”, and will be in the “Legends of OZ” as the voice of Dorothy. With “Glee” coming to an end next year, it’s safe to say that the sky is the limit for this star, as she shows absolutely no sign of slowing down. She may even be headed back to Broadway. If so we wouldn’t be surprised.  She’s told GMA, “that’s where my heart is”.


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