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#ICYMI: Lady Gaga Goes Viral With First Performance of “Perfect Illusion”

In case you missed it, one of the biggest stories to break this past weekend was Lady Gaga releasing new music. For those of you that hadn’t heard, Interscope Records dropped, “Perfect Illusion” on Friday.   This marks her first effort in the world of music as a solo artist since 2013’s Artpop album. This of course doesn’t include her musical contribution to The Hunting Ground, a documentary close to her heart about the epidemic of date rape in colleges across the country, or Cheek To Cheek, her hit duet album with the legendary Tony Bennett.

Since releasing Artpop, Gaga largely took a break from the traditional pop music scene to focus on having personal time, and tackle some pretty big non-music related projects. Some Key examples of this work include the indie action comedy, Machete Kills, and Sin City: A Dame To Kill, by director and comic book legend Frank Miller. Nearly everyone will probably agree that her most famous non-music project within that time was American Horor Story: Hotel. Gaga, affectionately known as mother monster, was a credit to both the show and the genre, earning a best actress Golden Globe for performance as the countess in the FX horror anthology.

However, after the recent split from her fiancé Taylor Kinney, and her long time manager Troy Carter before that, music was the only way for her to vent some very personal feelings. While there still is plenty to unfold about this new project, “Perfect Illusion” has quickly gotten the attention of the world, and like Born This Way before it, has drawn some pretty interesting to Madonna. She’s already begun what is sure to be a drawn out promotional process for her new album, appearing on key nationally syndicated radio shows like Z100’s Elvis Duran. That said, the most popular bit of media seems to be a live performance from Saturday of “Perfect Illusion” that has gone viral. Watch it above!