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#ICYMI: Ke$ha’s out of rehab and ready for a fresh start

“had to go play in the sand”- Via Kesha’s Twitter.

By: Smashley Nicole

Ke$ha is out of rehab after a two month stint for an eating disorder. We have to say, the rainbow-haired star looks pretty amazing.  She says goodbye to rehab and it looks like she’s pretty serious about leaving the past behind as according to E! News she’s reportedly dropping the “$” from her name. The singer also changed her Twitter handle from @Keshasuxx to @KeshaRose.

Now that she’s, “happy and healthy” what’s next? Well, according to her Twitter, she’s “Happy to be back! Feeling healthy & working on tons of new music I can’t thank my fans enough for all the love & support u have given me❤” So maybe a fresh album for her new beginning? We hope so! She’s also stated in the past that she’s a “crusader for being who you are”, so  maybe she can follow in fellow singer Demi Lovato’s footsteps and write a book, or something incredible to empower others from her struggle. No matter what she does in the future, we’re so happy that she’s back, happy and healthy.

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