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#ICYMI: Katy Perry: Move Over Britney & Gaga, There’s A New Queen In Town

Still Image From Katy Perry’s “CoverGirl” Commercial

by Smashley Nicole

All hail the queen!

Although Katy didn’t take home any Grammy’s this year, her incredible performance apparently made an impression. According to CNN, Katy Perry is official queen of Twitter! The “Prism” singer has over 50 million followers, making her the most followed person on the social media site; topping even Lady Gaga, and Justin Bieber, crazy right?

Twitter isn’t the only thing the singer is the queen of lately. Her hit single ‘Dark Horse’ featuring Juicy J is number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 for the second week in a row.  Beyonce’s single, ‘Drunk in Love’ featuring Jay Z is a close second, with Pharrell’s ‘Happy’ also in the top 10.

Apparently, even actor Vin Diesel is not only a fan of Katy’s ‘Dark Horse’, but also of runner up Beyonce’s ‘Drunk in love’ incase you missed the hilarious video he posted online, check it out below.

Vin Diesel Dancing To Beyonce’s “Drunken Love” And Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse”

Vin Diesel’s crazy hilarious video was made after he found out his most recent movie, ‘Riddick’ is number one on the DVD charts, and says Universal is already talking about a second movie. Diesel totally nailed that surfboard dance, don’t you agree?
Also, just incase you missed it, Katy Perry and boyfriend John Mayer reportedly visited the strip club, Spearmint Rhino in Santa Barbara to celebrate the Seahawks first ever superbowl win. The couple, according to Perez Hilton, spent thousands while celebrating…Go big or go home, right?

Speaking of first evers, incase you missed Katy’s debut CoverGirl commercial check it out below. 

Katy Perry Cover Girl Commercial

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