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#ICYMI: “Justin’s Gonna Cry” Watch Clips of Comedy Central Bieber Roast

In case you missed it, comedian Kevin Hart was on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night to give some hints of what to expect from Justin Bieber’s comedy central roast which is set to air on March 30th. He explained to Kimmel that the singer kept a smile on his face even though Kevin thought that he was going to cry at one point.

“It went a little rough,” the comedian admitted. “Yeah, I’m not gonna lie. There were some moments where I was like, ‘Justin’s gonna cry in the car. There’s no way he’s not gonna cry.’ You know how you can look at a person and they’re trying to have a good time, but you can tell there’s a tear … I kept point at him like, ‘You better hold it back, boy.’ He did one knee slap where he covered up a cry.”.

“At the end of it, what I loved the most … Justin Bieber stood onstage and he gave his rebuttal and at the end of it, it was more about him acknowledging all the stuff that he’s done and saying he’s now in a different place in his life. He’s ready to mature and move on.”

Enjoy the clip above and see for yourself. Comedy Central released two uncensored preview clips. Watch them below.

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