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#ICYMI: Justin Timberlake Celebrated For Breaking Voting Law With Selfie

In case you missed it, Justin Timberlake got into a little unexpected trouble when he cast an early ballot Monday. As it has now been widely reported, the pop superstar published a selfie from inside the voting booth to his instagram account as a way to encourage his millions of fans to vote on November 8th. Although it was well intended, this act of encouragement is against the law in his home state of Tennessee, and it caused reports of JT facing possible jail time to explode in reaction. This is because it is against the law in Tennessee, and several other states, to take pictures in voting booths.

While it shows signs of a double standard because of celebrity, it is doubtful that Timberlake will actually be charged with anything. TN citizens are encouraged to respect the law as is, but Ben Tracy of CBS News reports that the “Can’t Stop The Feeling” singer is being celebrated by state government officials, and explains   that the law was written before the concept of selfies and social media to avoid voter intimidation. Watch CBS This Morning’s video above. Cheers!