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#ICYMI: Justin Bieber Releases “Confident” Music Video After More Trouble With The Law

Justin Bieber in “Confident” music video

By: Smashley Nicole

Last week was a crazy one  in the Bieber saga, it seems like the pop star can’t stay out of trouble these days. Justin was arrested recently in Miami, Florida and booked for resisting arrest, DUI, and driving with an expired license. Wednesday, Bieber plead not guilty in Florida for this arrest. Later the same day, Bieber turned himself in to Toronto authorities, as he has been charged for assault after allegedly hitting a Toronto limo driver several times in the back of the head. The event is reported to have happened last month only hours after his attorney placed the not-guilty plea in Florida. According to a police statement, Bieber was allegedly one of a total of six people picked up in the early hours on Dec. 30, after a night out at the club and the incident happened while en route to the hotel. The driver then reportedly pulled over, and contacted authorities, when police arrived the man who struck the driver was no longer at the scene. According to  Bieber’s attorney in California, Howard Weitzman, says his client is innocent and denied any further comment.

With all these events unfolding, in what seems to be a seemingly endless downward spiral, American’s started a petition to have Bieber deported and his green card revoked. The petition  refers to JB as, “dangerous, reckless, destructive, and drug using” and continues by saying he is a “threat to the safety of our people”, and “a terrible influence on our nations youth”. This petition has only been active for a week and already has over 200,000 signatures. As a result of the high demand to deport the Biebs, The White House has to respond, stay tuned for this ruling.

On a brighter note, JB’s new video for “Confident” dropped last night. You can check it out below. 

Justin Bieber Featuring Chance The Rapper


From Journals 

RBMG/Island Records/IDJMG


On Thursday morning  his father Jeremy, posted a photo of Justin and his younger brother on his Twitter captioned “”Safe and sound #homesweethome.”

"Safe And Sound"

“Safe And Sound”


Maybe Bieber was onto something when he was thinking about retirement? A break from the crazy lifestyle of a pop super star might be a good idea.

However… ….it is very obvious , this story is not over yet! Stay tuned !

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