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#ICYMI: Justin Bieber Gets In Post NBA Finals Brawl

Image Via Instagram

As we were playing catch up with things behind the scenes and setting up to publish Def Jam’s positively worked info related to his recently released “Company” music video, we were disappointed to learn that Justin Bieber got into a street brawl in Cleveland on Wednseday night. As you can see from the video obtained by TMZ, Bieber is shown outside of his hotel in downtown Cleveland in a confrontation with a much larger man. Reports indicate that the unidentified man “through a light blow at Justin’s head” before the singer retaliated with a blow to the man’s face. Things then devolved quickly, spilling to the ground.


No one currently knows why the fight happened, but Bieber’s waitress did say that the start was being bothered for photos with fans. This of course after Justin, who was in town for game 3 of the NBA finals, recently declared that he will no longer pose for pictures with fans. Odds are that this story isn’t over. We’ll keep you posted as we learn more.