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#ICYMI: Joe Jackson Suffers Three Heart Attacks With Signs Of Stroke

Joe Jackson

Joe Jackson, manager of the famed Jackson family, which spawned the success of Motown’s Jackson 5 singing group and the spinoff success of it’s most famous member, Michael Jackson, was admitted to Sao Paulo hospital in Brazil following 3 heart attacks and signs of a stroke on Sunday. According to TMZ, the 87 year old lost his vision due to an artery bursting behind his eye, triggering the stroke. The Jackson family says that once Joe was admitted to the hospital he suffered three heart attacks. Joe’s publicist tells TMZ, in the hospital Joe’s heart stopped beating for 10 seconds but he was revived. Joe just had a pacemaker inserted and doctors are now waiting to see if it stabilizes him.

The Jackson family wants Joe Flown back to the United States for futher treatment if and when he stabilizes. Reports indicate that Joe Jackson was in Brazil celebrating his birthday. We’ll keep you posted as details emerge.