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#ICYMI: Hillary Lists Beyonce As Possible Vice President

Beyonce/Hillary Clinton

In case you missed it, The Ellen DeGeneres Show is trending after featuring Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton on the show. Other than the understandable civic reasons, everyone is buzzing over the fact that she was asked through a question submitted by Taylor Swift if she had seen Beyonce’s visual album, Lemonade.

“I have seen parts of it, and I do like it. It’s great,” Clinton replied.

She gave a hint as to why she liked Queen Bey during a Vice President edition of Ellen’s recurring game feature, “Would You Rather.”  When Ellen asked Mrs. Clinton who rather have as a vice president, the former Secretary of State chose Beyonce over Leo DeCaprio. When asked for her reasons, she replied  “I really believe in making lemonade out of lemons.”

It should be noted that she Kept Beyonce on her team continually through more rounds against other celebrities like Drake, Chewbacca Mom, Bradley Cooper and Steve Harvey.  Beyonce only got removed in the hypothetical game when Ellen asked about the possibility of current first lady Michele Obama, Not too bad!