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#ICYMI: Geraldo Rivera: ‘Hip Hop Has Done more Damage to Young African-Americans Than Racism In Recent Years

Geraldo Rivera

Naturally, there is much to discuss following Sunday’s telecast of the BET Awards, and Fox News’ correspondents took full advantage of the opportunity.

On yesterday’s episode of Fox News Channel’s “The Five”, veteran reporter Geraldo Revera was quoted as saying, “Hip Hop has done more damage to young African-Americans than racism in recent years,” while reacting to Rapper Kendrick Lamar’s politically charged performance that clearly goes against police, and more specifically, police brutality.

“This is exactly the wrong message and then to conflate what happened in the church in Charleston, S.C., with these tragic incidents involving excessive use of force by cops… to equate that racist killer with these cops, it’s so wrong,” he said.

The panel then proceeded to mock the performance, seemingly enjoying the role it played in their argument against the influence of hip hop and the stereotypes that the very divisive performance offers. Oddly enough, we had a similar kind of enjoyment, watching the aged pundits, who are clearly outside of the genre’s target demographic treat their opinion as if it is informed, “Fair & Balanced”, and not just the latest repeat of of the establishment thumbing their nose at the sound of rebellion.  The good folks from Media Matters have curated the discussed clip from yesterday’s show so you can watch and judge for yourself. Check it out below.

Geraldo Rivera Reacts To Kendrick Lamar’s BET Awards performance

on”The Five”

Fox New Channel (Via Media Matters)

In a related story, Kendrick Lamar is currently trending across social media thanks to surprising audiences a music video of the song that he performed at the award show called, “Alright”. The Collin Tilley directed clip dropped on VEVO hours ago and fans are raving over its equally blunt means of handling the already tense subject matter of police brutality.  Check it out below and see what you think. 
Kendrick Lamar 
“Alright” (explicit) 
From: To Pimp A Butterfly 
Top Dawg/Aftermath/Interscope Records