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#ICYMI: Gaga & Britney = Collab of the year?

Britney Spears/Lady Gaga

By: Smashley Nicole

Britney recently started the second leg of her Vegas show,, and Lady Gaga made an appearance over the weekend to show her support for the fellow pop star. Prior to the show Britney took to Twitter, tweeting Gaga “can’t wait to see you”, and also to “come hang out before the show”. According to US Weekly, at the show eyewitnesses say Gaga threw roses to Brit on stage and Brit “ blew her kisses”. Lady Gaga, aka ‘The Goddess of Love’, gushed about her weekend with Brit on her Facebook:

“Me and Brit Brit ❤ #Applause4Britney Britney Spears we had so much fun at your show!

And Britney’s dad gave us homeade BBQ, it was one of the best things I’ve ever eatin’ in my LIFE.”

Britney Spears With Lady Gaga From Lady Gaga

gaga also included this photo of her and Brit backstage


Following their fun-filled weekend, Britney and Gaga are reportedly going to be working on a duet together in the not so distant future. An insider says “it’ll happen soon” according to US Weekly.  Britney stated back in 2013, that she’d love to work together. At one point there were rumors Gaga was going to be featured on Brit’s latest album, ‘Britney Jean’, which sadly didn’t happen.

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