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#ICYMI: Ed Sheeran, and Channing Tatum Give Back to Fans in a Big Way

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Lately celebs have been finding really incredible ways to give back to fans, between online chats, social media sites, and Meet and greets at concerts. Things have changed from back in the day when you had to know someone or win contests to meet your favorite celebrity or even catch a quick glance. Now some stars are going above and beyond to give back.

For starters, singer Ed Sheeran showed how big his heart truly is over the weekend. He was asked via social media to sing to 15-year-old Triona Priestley reportsNew York Daily News. Sheeran apparently sang Priestley her favorite song, “Little Bird”. reports, the young girl who had been battling cystic fibrosis since childhood passed away shortly after receiving the phone call.

Sheeran tweeted his condolences to the young girl shortly after.



Also in the news for having a large heart is actor Channing Tatum. Tatum’s 18- year-old fan, Alisa Finley has been diagnosed with a stage-4  brain tumor.


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As a result, the teen created a bucket list of things she would like to accomplish while still here, number one on the list? A kiss from Channing Tatum, what girl wouldn’t love that? People reports the actor sent the teen a 1-minute video

Channing Tatum Sends Virtual Kiss to Sick Teenage Fan

You can follow Alisa’s story and read her entire bucket list via Facebook.

It’s nice to see celebrities using their talents and fame for such great things! As always, we’re here to keep you informed, just incase you missed it.

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