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#ICYMI: Demi Lovato Explains The Socially Conscious Reason For Her Nude Vanity Fair Photo Shoot

Demi Lovato At Vanity Fair Photo Shoot

In case you missed it, Demi Lovato posed nude in a very revealing and eye-catching pictorial for the new issue of Vanity Fair. In our opinion, the images are the often sought after perfect blend of tantalizing and thought provoking. This was especially true after watching VF’s video feature, spotlighting her deeply personal reasons for choosing not only to pose nude, but also without makeup. In the packed 1:40 running time, the “Cool For The Summer” singer credits overcoming her issues with eating disorders and body image, as the main motivation to pose in the truly hot pics, being an example of “loving the skin you’re in.”

Yes, she is naked, and she does a great job at being eye candy for anyone that wants to see. But, we suspect that that is the point. So many girls come of age, struggling to even know what it truly means to be “sexy” that their judgment becomes clouded by unrealistic body image expectations. Demi was no different.

The former Sonny With A Chance star first went public, discussing her self esteem driven issues back in 2012, through media coverage like that of MTV’s Demi Lovato: Stay Strong documentary special. As previously reported, the feature detailed the first stages of her journey of self-acceptance, spotlighting the rehab, education, and guidance that aided her in learning to loving herself. Now, she’s arguably known around the world for a natural beauty that is authentically who she actually is, emphasizing both, what a shame it would have been if denied herself that now obvious appreciation, and why it is so important that she stands proud as an example of strength for all to see. Watch the video below and see for yourself.

Demi Lovato Explains Her Nude No Makeup Photo Shoot

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