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#ICYMI: Bono Expresses Worry Of A Trump Presidency

Last week U2 front man and social activist Bono joined veteran journalist Chalie Rose to talk about his 40 years in music, his decades of philanthropy, and the impact that the current state of politics could have across the globe. The otherwise deliberately bipartisan (RED) charity founder, who famously worked in tandem with Republican president George W. Bush to fund AIDS research and medication for Africa, hesitantly spoke out against GOP candidate Donald Trump, with genuine worry towards the prospect of his presidency. A clip of his comments first went viral, thanks in part to CBS News last week. Because tonight marks the first of this election’s presidential debates, we thought the words of this highly seasoned activist, who is clearly using his musicianship and celebrity status for good, deserves a second look. You can find the interview in its entirety below just in case you missed it.

Bono on 40 years of Music, His Philanthropy, & The 2016 Election

Charlie Rose


Bono Talks About Bush’s AIDS Programs In Africa
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