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#ICYMI: Aspiring Rapper Claims Jay-Z Is His Father

Jay-Z is in the news today thanks to the claims of 21 year old Rymir Satterthwaite is making.  Echoing comparisons to Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean”, TMZ reports that Sattertuwaite’s claims that Jay-Z got together with his mom in the early 90s, long before his fame and his marriage to Beyonce. Satterthwaite and his legal guardian Lillie Coley has filed a civil lawsuit against the rapper because he submitted fraudulent information about Sattertuwaite’s claims in court .  While it is very unclear what the fraudulent info actually was, but based on the reports, it’s easy to see why Jay-Z is refusing a paternity test.

According to reports, the civil suit was hand written by Coley claiming that Jay-Z’s actions caused Rymir financial and emotional damage. It is important to note, Rymir also just so happens to be an aspiring rapper who has posted videos of him rapping online. If this suit proves to have any true weight,   it is all very provable regardless of whatever hype gets drummed up about it.  Clearly, all Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter would have to do is take the paternity test that he’s currently refusing, and no amount of hype would be able to be argued any further.

We saw a real life example of this back in March of last year when an aspiring singer named Brandon Howard claimed to be the son of Michael Jackson, and his mother, who was claimed to be the real life inspiration of Jackson’s Thriller hit “Billie Jean.”  However, only days later a DNA test proved that this was false, and some detective work proved that company that did the initial paternity test in support of Howard’s claim was even using the lab logo prop from Warner Bros’  Terminator Salvation.

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