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Hit Making Time Is ‘Nine In The Afternoon’ Feb 13, 2008

Hit Making Time Is 'Nine In The Afternoon' Feb 13, 2008

Hit Making Time Is 'Nine In The Afternoon' Feb 13, 2008

One of Alternative’s biggest impacting bands have gotten themselves back in the game.  In case you didn’t hear already, Panic At The Disco is preparing to release their second album next month entitled Pretty Odd.  I was inspired to write about this after watching the Beatles tribute last night, (February 10th) on the 50th annual Grammy Awards.  While making it clear that I in no way am comparing them to The Beatles on a skill level, I do think there are certain aspects that can be noted about their music in the stylistic progression of rock.  Anyone who is familiar with the band’s debut A  Fever You Can’t Sweat Out knows that they sort of have a knack for developing songs and albums that are rich with concepts.  If you were unaware listening to Fever, it is actually was an operatic tail of love gained and lost complete with a track called “Intermission.” The tradition is carried on as the guys hope to repeat their success.  While whether they will has yet to be seen, they are certainly on the right track.

Pretty Odd’s lead off single is actually pretty odd in itself.  It is called “Nine In The Afternoon.”  It’s hard to say what this fictional period of time actually means, but when broken down I interpret it to mean a return to a happy time of feeling in love, and when time didn’t necessarily matter in this Panic inspired magic hour of euphoria.  Unfortunately, there are times in all forms of media that we all get beaten to the punch on getting the info out there.  In this case, like other times before, little old us were up against the likes of MTV in bringing you fans the news and development on Panic and their developing project.

All Pretend bitterness aside, it seems as if Panic doesn’t need much help to become “buzz worthy” anyway.  In preparation leading up for the single’s release, Panic At The Disco released a series of clues and puzzles on their’s and other’s websites only to slowly reveal the album’s artwork and theme.  If their last album’s success is any indication, these guys are masters of the slow and steady build that creates a successful record.  They have been able to create so much buzz for themselves, it is hard for a guy like me on the blogish end of things to bring too much new that real Panic fans don’t already know.

With that noted, Pretty  Odd consists of a variety of songs first exposed to the public as the band was heading up the Honda Civic Tour.  In addition to “Nine In the Afternoon”, other frequently mentioned tracks are, “We’re so Starving.”  Little more can be said that hasn’t already been said. What I can do instead is remark on the album’s potential achievements.

First of all, according to reports this album was written, scrapped, and written again.  The cause of it being such an arduous process could be from any number of reasons, but I suspect it has to do with Panic’s attempt to not only grow as a band, but shed light on progression in their entire genre as well.  For example, although it didn’t happen, Panic At The Disco was rumored to have famed movie and TV music master Danny Elfhman (The Simpsons theme , Tm Burrton’s Batman, and many others) interested in collaborating.

They eventually decided on Rob Mathes to head up production of the project Mathes has been quoted  saying that Pretty Odd was,

“the most significant music project I have done in a while in that it is young and intense, adventurous and endlessly creative. Working with these young kids has made me look at music the way I did when I discovered early records by The Who and Brian Eno-period David Bowie when I was 16. For this project I am also filled with gratitude.”

That alone are words enough to describe the project, They are able to stay within the confines of the box, while pushing the limits and boundaries to include a wider spectrum of musical growth and possibilities.  I encourage all of you to check the album out when it is released on March 25th.  Panic at The Disco’s music is an eccentric blend of modern Alternative angst, awareness of music’s past, as well as the right blend of innovations of trend progression. Take a listen and see how you feel.