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Here’s The Story Of How Taylor Swift Became A Huge Fan Of Alessia Cara’s “Here”

Alessia Cara And Taylor Swift’s Artist Of The Month (November, 2015) Alessia Cara is everywhere thanks to the success of her debut single, “Here.” The gold-certified track slowly gained her a unique word of mouth credibility that soon elevated her popularity beyond just another YouTube singer with a record deal. By the end of last month, her debut album, Know-It-All one of the most anticipated albums from a new artist in years. There is no doubt that some of this well-deserved hype also came after Alessia met one of her very powerful fans, Taylor Swift. It all started after she covered a stripped down version of Taylor and Kendrick Lamar’s  remix version of “Bad Blood” on BBC Radio One in July. Taylor was one of the million viewers who saw how she re-worked the song. Since then Taylor did everything she could to learn everything about this Pop star on the rise.

Alessia Cara “Bad Blood” (Taylor Swift Cover)

BBC One 

Taylor Swift Featuring Kendrick Lamar

“Bad Blood” (Remix)
Big Machine/Republic Records 

After Taylor became a fan of Alessia’s EP, Four Pink Walls, she became determined to to make sure her fans were also Alessia Cara fans! She took things to the next level in Tampa Florida on Halloween night, when she invited Alessia on her 1989 World Tour stage to perform “Here.” After that once in a lifetime experience, joined the two singer/songwriters backstage to capture a very special conversation, which showed Alessia being interviewed by her famous big fan. The interview was split up into two points and released in a partnership between Yahoo and Vevo. Part one was first released yesterday (November 18), and the second part was released today! We enjoyed them and wanted to share them with you! Congrats on all your success Alessia! Take a look at the clips below, and discover why Taylor Swift wants you to discover Alessia Cara!

Taylor Swift Interviews Alessia Cara (Part One) 


Taylor Swift Interviews Alessia Cara (Part Two) 


Taylor Swift And Alessia Cara 
From 1989 World Tour 
Tampa, FL

Alessia Cara 

From Know-It-All 
Def Jam Recordings