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Hans Zimmer Makes Batkid Theme Song

Batkid With Batman

If you were on the internet at any point on November. 15 2013, there’s a good chance you followed the saga of “Batkid,” AKA 5-year-old leukemia patient Miles Scott whose dream of becoming Batman was  into an amazing reality last week thanks to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

The city of San Francisco was  transformed into “Gotham City,” by an army of volunteers  that worked together to make Miles’ wish come true. The young superhero whisks around Gotham  with Batman by his side, catching villains like the Joker and saving damsels in distress to the supportive cheers of thousands of onlookers.

One of those Onlookers was renowned music composer for The Dark Knight Trilogy, Hans Zimmer. Zimmer gave his support to Miles’ adventure by providing Batkid his very own custom theme song.

“Yes, Hans did write a score for Batkid,” Zimmer’s publicist Rae Murillo told on November 15th. “We’re not yet sure when or how the music will be incorporated, but I do know that there are different elements and surprises being rolled out as the day progresses, so we’re just waiting to see how the music is going to be used.”

Murillo went on to explain that their are no plans to release the song to the public. So far, the only personalized copy went to Batkid himself.  Watch ABC’s coverage of the Batkid experience below. Enjoy!


San Francisco Is Under Siege Making a Bat Call Cry for Help as Bat Kid Saves the Day

ABC News

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