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Green Day Releases Details To New Album Trilogy

Green Day Holding albums

Green Day holding copies of the three New albums

Last Tuesday, June 19th, we reported on Green Day’s Plans to release their  9th studio album Uno!, and went on to share their viral album preview video with you.  Well this week saw the release of even more info to the album.  As previously indicated, ¡Uno! will serve as the first in what is to be an album trilogy.  The official release dates that have already been arranged for the trilogy’s releases include September 25th for ¡Uno!, November 13th for the trilogy’s second chapter known as ¡Dos!, with ¡Tré! following on January 15, 2013.  The first taste of new music to come from Uno!, is called “Oh Love.”  Reports indicate that radio stations expect it to be hitting the air nationally on July 16th.

While fans wait eagerly, the band Got to tweeting, giving up some details on what we can expect from Uno!, and the rest of this highly anticipated trilogy.  Lead singer Billie Joe Armstrong tweeted this wonderful picture we’re using of the band holding copies of the three albums to come.  The band’s label Reprise Records has also allowed fans to pre-order the album through digital retailers.  We were able to obtain the Uno!, track listings as a result.  Check them out below.

Uno! Track listings

1. “Nuclear Family”
2. “Stay The Night”
3. “Carpe Diem”
4. “Let Yourself Go”
5. “Kill The DJ”
6. “Fell For You”
7. “Loss Of Control”
8. “Troublemaker”
9. “Angel Blue”
10. “Sweet 16”
11. “Rusty James”
12. “Oh Love”