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Go Behind The Scenes Of Beyonce’s Hot H&M Commercial

Behind The Scenes Of Beyonce's H&M Commercial

Behind The Scenes Of Beyonce's H&M Commercial

H&M released a very hot behind the scenes You Tube video about their brand new commercial that features both Beyonce, and her new song.  The song is called “Standing In The Sun,” and the video is bikini filled dancing through and through. It is very eye catching. The H&M commercial is already a hit, and is already expected to build buzz for the new collection in a big way.   It is turning out to be part of a mini tradition for Bey too.  Her previous single “Grown Woman” was premiered as part of her theatrical Pepsi commercial that hit the web only weeks ago earlier this month.  Could this be a sign of a formula developing?

Seriously though, the behind the scenes video that features the spot’s creative director Donald Schneider, and co-choreographer Frank Gatson is a great presentation that is well edited.  The whole thing is really impressive and we couldn’t help but want to show you. It is yet another example why the Carter family has the business on lock down much better than that of the average celebrity couple.

The list of things their involved with is growing so rapidly its becoming hard to keep up. This is yet another one to be added to the list. Check it out underneath the completed commercial below. We’ll keep you posted as we learn more details on Beyonce’s yet to be released new album.  Odds are, it will be just as big, if not a bigger even than what we’ve seen already.  Stay tuned.

Beyonce H&M Commercial

“Featuring “Standing In The Sun””

Behind The Scenes Of Beyonce’s H&M Commercial