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Girl Group G.R.L Shines In Pitbull’s Playboy Inspired Music Video For “Wild, Wild, Love”

Video Still From “Wild Wild Love” Music Video

By Andrew McMahon

Pitbull continues to impress us with all of his hard work.  After teaming up with wild girl pop star Ke$ha for their #1 hit single “Timber”, he’s now teamed up with  the 5 newcomers for his next hit. As you’ll see, the Playboy themed video was also wild, not to mention, a super fun way to introduce music lovers to a whole new group on the rise.   These 5 newcomers I’m talking about are called GRL, and the “wild” video I’m talking about is for the song we at Clizbeats first introduced to you at the end of February called  “Wild, Wild Love“.

As I hinted, the Hefner inspired video is a fantastic launching pad that any pop star would love to have, but that’s only these 5 ladies latest step in their journey for pop stardom.  After taking a deeper look, I learned that GRL is actually an American-British-Canadian blend of performers, that were formed by renowned choreographer Robin Antin in march of 2011. According to the Toronto Sun, Antin, who is credited with creating Interscope Records’ girl group Pussycat Dolls, began finding the girls that would become GRL during auditions to replace departed members of PCD. When those fateful auditions concluded, the new group members  consisted of Emmalyn Estrada, Simone Battle, Paula Van Oppen, Lauren Bennett and Natasha Slayton.

The group’s reputation has started out strong. They earned mainstream attention by appearing  a GoDaddy SuperBowl commercial, and the Smurfs 2 Soundtrack. The track is called “Vacation.”

Following the  notoriety of the Superbowl and Smurfs, the girls help Pitbull turn the heat up to a whole different level in the  “Wild, Wild Love” music video, and  I think this could be the beginning of us seeing a lot more of these lovely ladies.  In the video the girls are dressed as playboy bunny business women, who join  Pitbull on an exploratory business trip, traveling from the Playboy mansion to Mr. 305’s own hometown of Miami, provocatively dancing and singing the whole time!

Could GRL follow in the footsteps of  Pussy Cat Dolls as the next group of fantasy girls to lure us on the dance floor? Only time will tell. See them in action below and decide for yourself. Enjoy!


Pitbull Featuring G.R.L

“Wild, Wild Love”

Polo Grounds/Mr. 305/RCA Records

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