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Fun’s Nate Ruess: Solo Album Secrets Revealed

Nate Reuess

Fun Frontman Nate Ruess dropped a exclusive video today in which he  he hinted at what fans can expect from his up coming solo album, Grand Romantic. Russ’s video gave fans an inside peak on 3 secrets. The First talks about him and longtime producer Jeff Bhasker getting some help on the drums for “Nothing Without Love”. The Second explains how he did his best Jay-Z Impression when coming up with lyrics for the album.  And, The third is a secret he’s been keeping from his label. Read below, and click here to watch the full video.

Secret 1

Mark Ronson actually, uncredited, is responsible for recording the drums on “Nothing Without Love,” the single off of the album,” says Nate of the first unknown fact. “He just happened to be in he studio with my producer, Jeff Bhasker … We somehow found a way to use his drums and also not give him credit in the process.”

Secret 2

“I didn’t have lyrics and one night, after throwing a few back, I decided that I just wanted to get on the mic and I wanted to do my best Jay Z impression and not write lyrics down and just freestyle,” explains Nate. “I don’t think you can understand what I’m saying because I’m mumbling half the time, but it is one of my favorite songs that is on he album. I decided that the take was so special.”

Secrect 3

“I was in Europe last week and I got really inspired to write one more song,” he admits. “I’m going to head to the recording studio after I leave beautiful Cleveland and I’m going to finish up the album this week.”