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Fun Continues To Impress With Their Latest Single: “Some Nights”

Fun "Some Nights" Fueled By Ramen Records

Fun "Some Nights" Fueled By Ramen Records

After years of hard work, and a debut album that was overlooked by the mainstream, the band known as Fun was finally able to breakthrough in a big way with their hit single, “We Are Young” featuring Janelle Monae.  The trio of hard working musicians watched their song “We Are Young” enter into the charts at the modest number of 53 last year, only to then  endured the endure the struggle of watching it fall back off soon after.  Undaunted, Fun and their label Fueled  Ramen Records continued to promote the track hard.  Any listener of Top 40 radio now knows that hard work didn’t go unrewarded.

“We Are Young Young” rebounded in a big way when it received the One two promotional punch of a lifetime.  The song was proninetly placed placed on Fox’s hit shows Glee, and American Idol.   Then it was also used in a Chevy Sonic commercial for this past Super Bowl.  From then on it seemed that the gem that is Fun’s talent was uncovered for the world to hear, and the band experienced a steady snowball effect of success from then on.

“We Are Young” became a career maker for the band.  Over the course of its run, the song peaking at number 1 in 8 countries including the US. When broken down specifically in the US, “We Are Young” was able appear on seven completely separate chats.  Impressively, of those total seven, Fun was able to claim the top spot of five of those charts.

The coolest thing about this achievement, is that the depth of quality to come out of this well deserved breakthrough doesn’t end there.  As of this week, Fueled  Ramen Records began promoting the album’s title track, “Some Nights” to radio and other major online music media platforms.  Being that we are already huge fans and supporter of the band, we were excited to share it with you.

In a way all its own, “Some Nights” does a wonderful job showcasing the unique tonality and passion that is captured in lead singer, Nate Ruess’ performance. With a very forward and attention grabbing presentation, the song exemplifies a blending of classic rock like themes and vocal delivery that is an almost instant reminder of  the likes of Freddy Mercury, Don McLean and others.  That combo is then packaged  into a slick digital production, giving it the modern feel that that appears to be Fun’s signature.  Naturally, we think the song is fantastic. We hope you agree.  Take a listen below.


“Some Nights” (Explicit Lyrics)

From: Some Nights

Fueled By Ramen Records

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