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Foo Fighters Launch Radio Station


Foo Fighters Logo

It was announced to yesterday via the band’s twitter, and music industry trades, that The Foo Fighters have launched their own online radio station through its official website t  The Site promotes all Foo all the time,as it relates to  promoting the band’s intended April release date for their latest installment of new material.  To activate the site’s station one must turn its virtual tuner to 101.5 on the dial.  Once locked in, it is reported that a continuous loop of New Foo music can be heard.  We have already begun playing with the online station ourselves, and it appears to be the band’s own personal way to reach their fans directly, have a little fun, and have a little viral marketing The Foo Fighters way.  We will gladly keep you posted if any new details on The Foo Fighters, their new music, or their new radio station comes available.