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Fan Smacks Beyonce’s Booty and Shows Her Star Power



It was the butt smack seen round the world. On Monday Beyonce, Jay-Z’s wife, was performing at a concert in Denmark when a male fan got a little too excited, and smacked her on the butt during a performance of her hit “Irreplaceable” at her concert.   She reacted by telling him to watch it, because she could have him escorted out.

The guy was clearly inappropriate, but it wasn’t at all harmful, and is a lot of fun to watch.  Probably because he acted, and did what many of us men wish we had the guts and opportunity to do.  Bey handled it like a truly grown woman, and let him know what was up while keeping complete composure. To put it in perspective just think of it this way.  Beyonce getting smacked on the booty made national news. How many others can even imagine that? So, in its own way, it’s kinda an achievement for both sides.

Therefore, we’re gonna celebrate by blasting us some new Beyonce.  Join us. Check out here recently leaked full length cut of the Timbaland produced “Grown Woman” below.


“Grown Woman”

Columbia Records

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