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Everything About Diddy’s “terrorist threat” Against UCLA Coach

Sean “Diddy” Combs

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Hip Hop mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs is in a bit of trouble for what is being described as an “alleged terrorist threat” against UCLA strength and conditioning coach Sal Alosi. According to a TMZ exclusive that initially broke yesterday, Combs, who is the 45 year old CEO/Chairman of Bad Boy Entertainment, was arrested after witnesses allegedly saw him swing a kettlebell at Alosi while visiting the university athletic complex.. Then because he allegedly swung said Kettlebell at Alosi, he was understandably booked for suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon, because of  the use of the Kettlebell.

Following a deeper look by authorities however, that suspicion charge was upgraded to terrorist threat because Combs was allegedly screaming threats at Alosi  and the 5 or 6 people who rushed in to break up the fight. According to some follow up reports, TMZ has learned that this may all be stemming from the fact that Alosi booted Diddy’s son Justin Combs, defensive back for the team, out of a conditioning session because of “lack of effort.” Diddy, who was a once-a-week regular at UCLA team practices was angered by this news so he took Justin with him to storm into Alosi’s office.

When arriving at the office, Alosi, who was on the phone, reportedly told them to hold on. Alosi then told Justin he would speak with him … but instructed him to get his famous father out of the office.  According to BruinReportOnline, Alosi had his hands up in a non-threatening way, but Diddy “walked into Alosi’s hand” and then warned him not to put his hands on him. This was followed by reports of Diddy exploding into an attack before interns rushed in to pull him off of Alosi. Alosi reportedly suffered cuts on his face and a torn shirt.

When this incident was said and done, Diddy walked away with the following formal charges.

3 counts of assault w/ deadly weapon

1 count of making terrorist threats

1 count of battery

TMZ learened that, in response to this incident, important UCLA officials met this morning and “charges will most likely be dropped but [Diddy] won’t be allowed on the field anymore.”

Combs was eventually released on bail after posting $50k bond. Justin Combs broke his silence about his dad’s arrest by posting a pic of himself and Diddy captioned with, “I thank God for having a father that’s always there for me.. Love you pops!”

We’ll keep you posted as we learn more.