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Eminem’s “Space Bound” Music Video!

Eminem "Space Bound" Shady/Aftermath/Interscope Records

Eminem "Space Bound" Shady/Aftermath/Interscope Records

As we first reported to you in April, Eminem’s song “Space Bound” is the final single and music video to be released from his 2010 album, Recovery. The video for the Jim Jonsin produced track was filmed in February in Los Angeles California. It was filmed in a three day period with the direction of Joeseph Kahn. Kahn had previously worked with Eminem on the videos for his singles “Without Me”, (2002) “We Made You” (2009) and “Love The Way You Lie featuring Rihanna. (2010)

The track which also  features Country/Pop singer/song writer, Steve McEwan on the chorus, has a very dark tone to it. The lyrics vividly describe Eminem’s bitterness and insecurity towards starting a new relationship, due to an implied dysfunctional ones from his past. His lyrics indicate his fear of being hurt and describe violent rage in response to the chance of that person hurting him. Rather than calling out the name of his ex wife, Kim Mathers, like he has on previous albums, “Space Bound” addresses this intense feeling  in an abstract way. Like his previous hit, “Love The Way You Lie”, he is  using the lyrics to articulate the emotion he feels  but he stays away from name dropping, and fictionalizing people in his real life, like he has many times before.

A song with so much emotion has to have equally powerful imagery to back it up. That goal was certainly accomplished with the videos shocking violence to go with it. The video stars ex porn star and actress, Sasha Grey, who plays Eminem’s girlfriend. The video has the story line of a tragedy,. Eminem suspects Sasha of cheatin on him.g As he reacts in a fit of rage and he goes to grab her.  Sasha then disappears and Eminem is found alone in a motel room.  He then shoots himself in the chin, killing himself. His life then flashes before his eyes.  Everything then rewinds to the beginning where Sasha first picks Eminem up in her car, as they drive off together.  Due to the violent and explicit nature of this video we recomend that viewer discretion is needed. Although the song and video are both creative and entertaining, this is not a music video for everyone in the family. With that said , take a look at it and see what everyone has been talking about since its debut earlier this week.

Eminem Featuring Steve McEwan

“Space Bound” (Explicit)

From Recovery

Shady/Aftermath/Interscope Records