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EDM Producer, Junkie XL To Reinvent Theme For Batman In “Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice”

Ben Affleck as Batman

Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice doesn’t come out in theaters until March 26, 2016, but fans can’t stop talking about it. This is thanks to all the new details that keep coming out about the characters connected to the film, and the cinematic universe that DC Entertainment/Warner Bros. is building around it. The latest piece of news this time is all about the music. As we all knew Hans Zimmer is returning to score the music from the film, continuing to work in DC’s new universe after his work on 2013’s Man Of Steel. Now in a recently published red carpet interview with MTV News, Zimmer teases the music from the Batman V Superman. This conversation with MTV’s Josh Horowitz, Hans talked about how he will continue to work on Superman’s theme heard in Man Of Steel, but is bringing his friend, Junkie XL to score the new theme that will be heard for Ben Affleck’s new version of Batman. This is because Hans wanted to bring a fresh pair of ears to the character after working on the character over a span of 10 years with Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy.

Hams Zimmer Teases “Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice” Score with Junkie XL

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Man Of Steel (Complete 2013 Score By Hans Zimmer Playlist)
Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice writer/director/producer, Zack Snyder must like what Zimmer has brought to both Superman and Batman, because it was recently officially announced that he will also be scoring the other films in the developing DC Cinematic Universe, Wonder Woman (2017), and Aquaman.  (2018) Hans Zimmer’s latest contribution to the superhero genre was for 2014’s The Amazing Spider-Man 2 . (with Pharrell Williams and The Magnificent Six) In the superhero genre, Junkie XL contributed additional music to Hans Zimmer’s score for, The Dark Knight Rises in 2012. He has since worked with Batman V Superman’s Zack Snyder by scoring the music for 300: Rise Of An Empire (2014), which Snyder Produced. Junkie XL also scored Summit Entertainment/Lionsgate’s Divergent, and and served as an executive producer on the film’s soundtrack.The Divergent soundtrack featured appearances from such pop stars as Ellie Goulding, and Zedd and Skrillex. It may surprise people to know that the man who added to the sound of The Dark Knight Rises was behind such a different sound on a compilation like Divergent, but not to the avid House music fan. As a reader may guess by his name, Junkie XL is not your average film composer. Tom Holkenborg, a.k.a., Junkie XL, and previously known as JXL is a Dutch multi-instramentalist that was first introduced to the world as a well known, Big Beat, EDM, and House DJ. He has released six albums beginning in 1997, and the latest as recent as 2012.

The Dark Knight Rises Trailer 2 Featuring Music By Hans Zimmer And Junkie XL
Syncopy/DC Entertainment/Legendary/Warner Bros. Pictures
Alicia Keys Featuring Kendrick Lamar
“Its On Again” (Produced By Pharrell Williams And Hans Zimmer)
From The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Soundtrack
Madison Gate/Columbia Records
Zedd Featuring Matthew Koma And Miriam Bryant
“Find You”
From Divergent Soundtrack
Cherrytree/Interscope Records
Ellie Goulding
“Beating Heart”
From Divergent Soundtrack
Cherrytree/Interscope Records
His most famous musical connection to film came in 2001, when his remix of Elvis Presley’s 1968 single, “A Little Less Conversation” was prominently featured in Steven Soderbergh’s, Ocean’s Eleven. The remix was later released as an official single by RCA Records, under the artist name Elvis VS JXL in May of 2002. It’s release marked the first time Presley’s estate had granted permission for any of the his material to be remixed. It became a massive hit, reaching number one in 24 countries, and was included on the 2002 compilation, Elv1s in September of 2002. The album sold over 5 million copies in the US alone. If Junkie XL can be trusted in reinventing the sound of the king, hopefully the caped crusader is in good hands!

Elvis VS JXL
“A Little Less Conversation”
From ElV1s
RCA Records