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E! News Speculates That Beyonce’s “Lemonade” Drama Is Fake

E! logo/Beyonce’s “Lemonade” promo art

E! News is skeptical about the recent “Lemonade” born drama between Beyonce and Jay-Z. Following HBO’s limited time premier of her symbolically titled visual album special, fans have been examining the key sensational lyrics to see if they can make sense of it all. Lyrics like, “You ain’t married to no average b**ch, boy,” and, “Me and my baby gonna be alright, we gonna live a good life,” hint at the cracks in the power couple’s charmed life and infidelity in their marriage. But, are things more than what they seem?

Lines like “He better call Becky with the good hair,”have fans hunting ruthlessly online for who Jay-Z’s suspected mistresses might be. As of now, popular targets for blame include e Rachel Roy, a former friend of the family, and singer Rita Ora. While the search for this mysterious “Becky” continues, E! is wondering if Jay-Z actually cheated at all. Were the Lemonade cheating references just marketing?

“I feel like we’re all being played, and we’re being played by Beyonce, Jay Z, Tidal — where you can exclusively buy this album,” E! News’ Ken Baker told On Air with Ryan Seacrest over the phone on Wednesday. “Let me tell you this: To my knowledge, Jay Z is so involved with the career of Beyonce from the recording, to the music, to the look, to the hair, the style — everything.”

Ryan then seemed to second Ken’s theory, saying that Jay wouldn’t let such diss lyrics out if it were true. After he agreed Baker added, “We can all sit here and speculate and wonder, ‘Did this happen? Who cheated? Is it Rita Ora? Is it Rachel Roy?’ [Beyonce] is loving it. If [Beyonce] didn’t like all of the speculation, she’d just put an end to it.”

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