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Drake & Rihanna Debut New Material Over Holiday Break

video still from "Take Care" by Drake featuring Rihanna

video still from “Take Care” by Drake featuring Rihanna

While we took some time to enjoy our holiday break, the music industry was moving full speed ahead with plenty of cool things that we are now sinking our teeth into.  Of all of that stuff, the highly anticipated music video for the title track by Rap star Drake known as “Take Care” rose to the top of our new material coverage list. Fans already know from listening to the song that Drake is joined by  Pop/R&B star Rihanna, but the release of the complete music video also shows that the two stars are also joined by fish, a blue bird, and a bull, moving in slow motion in a variety of shots.  The music video abstract directed by    Yoann Lemoine is definitely deserves a look.  Watch it below and see what you think.

If that didn’t do enough to scratch your new music itch,  scroll down and check out the latest single to come from Rhianna’s Talk That Talk album. For her first public effort to follow the release of Talk That Talk‘s racy and and controversial  “Birthday Cake” single that made headlines not all that long ago Rihanna’s camp decided to released a an up-temp Dance/Pop record called “Where Have You Been” associated with    Written by Ester Dean, and co-written and produced by Pop music trend leader Dr. Luke, the pairing looks to be a natural match for the Barbadian Pop princess.  Critic reviews seem to be pretty favorable.  Check it out below and see if you agree.

Drake Featuring Rihanna

“Take Care”

From: Take Care

Young Money/Cash Money/Universal Republic Records


“Where Have You Been”

From: Talk That Talk

SRP/Def Jam Records/IDJMG

The Following Song Contains Explicit Lyrics

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