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Dolly Parton Discusses Performing With Lady Gaga As “Lady Goo Goo”

Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton

Country singer Dolly Parton has been all over the place talking to all kinds of people about a little bit of everything, while promoting her music oriented film “Joyful Noise”. It was during this extensive media tour that co-stars fellow music star Queen Latifah, she took a moment to show her appreciation for Pop music’s reigning Queen, Lady Gaga.  Parton’s has been quoted as saying that a performance featuring both her and Gaga would be “a fun time”.  While I’m sure it would in fact be a “fun time”, Parton’s got music blogs buzzing over that simple comment because the  idea of pairing the two mega stars has come up before, and was received with the typically unique Dolly Parton excitement.

While talking with E! News back in April, the “9 To 5” singer expressed that she’d like to perform alongside Lady Gaga as Lady GooGoo, a name inspired by both Gaga, and the GooGoo candy bars famous from  her hometown of Nashville Tennessee.

“We’d be fun together, don’t you think?” the country star said at the premiere. “I think people would love that. But you know, you just wait. Those kind of things happen when they’re supposed to.”

Will this fun idea become an awesome reality?  It’s probably gonna be Gaga’s call. Until then Gaga’s army of fans, affectionately known as “little monsters” will just have to get their Dolly dose of “Lady Goo Goo” by going to see “Joyful Noise” when it opens in theaters tomorrow.

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