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Day 26 Returns To Music With New Single “Let It Go”

Friends to and former Making The Band 4 MTV reality stars Day 26 look to be poised to make a come back.  We last heard from the guys when they were wrapping the 3rd and final season of MTV’s Making The Band 4, and promoting their album, Forever In A Day back in 2009.  Since then a lot has changed in the guys’ world that has caused the release of new music to either be delayed or up in the air.

As Many Day 26 fans already know, former group member Qwanell Mosley  had been formally asked to leave the group after friction between him and the rest of its members had come to a head.  After that significant change another one followed soon after.   Their former executive producer and label head Sean “Diddy” Combs ended his partnership with Atlantic Records. Atlantic had been distributing his label Bad Boy Records, and all of its Making The Band related Music. As a result Day 26 also parted ways with Combs to begin a new deal with Atlantic Records directly.  Although Day 26 was already part of the Atlantic Records family through Bad Boy, the  departure of both Mosely and Combs’ more than likely created a need for  reassessment and redevelopment that would also take its time  if the group was going to make a proper return without the aid of Diddy’s Bad Boy branding, and MTV push.  After over a year of development, Twitter based buzz, and now a performance at this year’s recently past Summer Jam concert by New York’s Hot 97FM, Day 26 has stepped back into the spotlight with a new single.

For this one, the group now made up of Robert Curry, Brian “Angel” Andrews, Michael “Butta” McCluney, and Willie Taylor have teamed up with rapper, Roscoe Dash, to release their com back single, “Let It Go”.   Take a listen to the track below and see what you think.

Day 26

“Let It Go”

Atlantic Records