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Daft Punks unreleased Jay Z Collaboration originally intended for Disney?

Jay-Z/Daft Punk

By Andrew McMahon

Jay Z has apparently added the French Electronic music duo Daft Punk to his laundry list of collaboration.  After an unreleased track titled “Computerized” surfaced online yesterday, it has been all anyone can talk about, the top trending subject on social media sites worldwide.

The interesting thing is that leak isn’t even the first mention of “Computerized.” The first glimpse of the unreleased track was from a Parisian blogger from, who alluded to the songs existence back in the summer of 2011, with the other appearing more recently on one of the bands own fan sites back in October. The member from the Daft Punk Club message board who leaked the information, “Eewas,” posted that the collaboration was originally intended for “an old disney project.” From what we have learned that old disney project may have been Tron:Legacy.

Complex music is reporting that “Computerized” shares elements from Daft Punk’s 2010 record “The Son of Flynn,” a track included on the Tron: Legacy soundtrack. This adds to the speculation that was originally started when the Daft World Blogger first posted information about the song back in 2011, and is hinting at the possibility that the track was originally intended for Disney.

It’s unknown whether Daft Punk or Jay-Z plan to officially release  “Computerized,” or even mention its existence. Either way it’s out there now and it’s there for you to enjoy, so check it out below.

Daft Punk ft. Jay-Z



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