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Cookie Monster’s Carly Rae Japsen Inspired Music Video!

Video Still of Cookie Monster Singing "Share It Maybe"

Video Still of Cookie Monster Singing "Share It Maybe"

Yesterday while we were sifting through all the material of a very active music news cycle we came across what has to be one of the coolest, and funniest viral video hits of the year.  We turned the video on at random and to our surprise we found the one and only Cookie Monster of Sesame Street singing his own rendition of Carly Rae Japsen’s Billboard magazine proclaimed “song of the summer”, “Call Me Maybe”.  Of course His version of the song was called “Share It Maybe”.

It the song everyone’s favorite blue moster teaches us that it never hurts to ask, and always remember to share, especially when it comes to cookies.  While Carly’s song is and cute and catchy tune about getting over that nervousness to approach a guy and and get him to give you a call. Cookie Moster’s however is about the classic ideal, that he sees that you have “cookie” and wonders if you would “share it maybe?”  The video is hilarious fun for the whole family, and at the end, yes, even Cookie Monster learns to share.  Check it out below.  We highly doubt you’ll be disappointed.

Cookie Monster

“Share It Maybe”

Sesame Street