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Clizbeats Salutes Ariana Grande’s Soulful Duet With Nathan Sykes “Almost Is Never Enough”

Video Still From “Almost is Never Enough Music Video

Ariana Grande reminded us how much she sounds like a young Mariah Carey this week. Her and Nathan Sykes, the youngest member of The Wanted, released their soulful duet, “Almost Is Never Enough” on Monday. It is the 3rd single to come from her recently titled Yours Truly album for Republic Records. The infectious tune follows her second single “Baby I”, which was produced by Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds, Antonio Dixon, and Patrick “J. Que” Smit, and her debut smash, “The Way” featuring Mac Miller. “The Way” sold over 120,000 units in the first 48 hours. It became the third best selling first week sales of 2013 behind Justin Timberlake’s “Suite & Tie” and One Direction’s “Best Song Ever.”

As of this past Friday, “The Way” has been certified with 1.6 million singles sold. After noting how soul oriented Pop music like Timberlake’s, and that of Robin Thicke’s have grown to dominate the charts, it looks likely that her fantastic voice, and soulful Pop sound are going to continue to allow her to write her own ticket through the industry.

That fantastic voice was exactly what Nathan Sykes needed to recover from his recent throat surgery. Sykes is impressively strong next to Grande’s, especially if you consider everything that he had to go through. It is really nice to see.  If you like what you’re hearing as well, take a moment to check out his group’s latest single “We Own The Night” which was used promotionally at the end of the first season of The Wanted’s new  Ryan Seacrest produced reality show for E!

We’re fans of both and can’t help but root for them. Do you agree?

Ariana Grande Featuring Nathan Sykes

“Almost is Never Enough”

From Yours Truly

Republic Records

The Wanted

“We Own The Night”

Global/Mercury/Island Records/IDJMG

Ariana Grande Featuring Mac Miller

“The Way”

From Yours Truly

Republic Records

Ariana Grande

“Baby I”

From Yours Truly

Republic Records

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