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Clizbeats Reacts To Justin Bieber’s Infamous “Marijuana” Photos

Justin Bieber (TMZ Exclusive Photo)

Justin Bieber (TMZ Exclusive Photo)

As music journalists who are also very proud to call Justin Bieber a Clizbeats Featured artist, it isn’t uncommon for him to be the lead story or hot topic of news in our coverage.  What is uncommon however, is the fact that the news is bad, until recently.  As we were  slowly easing back into our normally arduous working schedule post the holiday break, Bieber was everywhere because of the death of a paparazzo, Chris Guerra, who died after getting hit by a car while tailing the singer’s Ferrari on foot in the street.  It’s already been widely reported that one of Guerra final discussions involved speculation that he witnessed Bieber smoking marijuana out of a pipe. Although it’s unfortunate, if we put the specific recklessness related to Guerra’s death aside, it appears he may have uncovered a trend within the singer’s personal life.  Only day’s after the paparazzo’s death, TMZ has published personal photo’s of Bieber and friends in party mode, showing  photographic proof that, at least at the time photos were taken,  Bieber was in fact smoking what appears to be marijuana.

As you can see by looking for yourself, the infamous photos show him with blont in hand, and maybe even drinking adult beverages.  To a lot of folks these kinds of behaviors are common place, and may not be viewed as a big deal.  However, the obvious fact related to this recently broken story is that he is an 18 year old public figure.  Therefore there is a much greater deal of things potentially at stake here.  We all know that he’s considered by many to be a role model, and our analysis is that he is also aware of and respects that fact.  After studying and occasionally seeing celebrity culture for ourselves, we’re also sympathetic pressure filled microscope that he must live under.  However, it is because of his unique and fortunate lifestyle that he has to take this a reminder to remain aware of his environment, and that the choices he makes could have larger than average consequences because of who he is.

Someone with his level of celebrity is granted an entitlement that opens up many doors, and allows him around many people.  In some cases those people may not have his best interest at heart.  We don’t condone the fact that he may be dabbling in illegal drugs, because breaking the law has obvious consequences, and so does substance use.  However, an apparently overlooked detail  to this “scandal” is the fact that this photo made it on TMZ in the first place.  This means that his  otherwise famously tight circle has allowed someone around him in a relaxed  “partying” fashion that was willing to do that when he had his guard down. This begs  the follow up question, that  aside from some experimentation, what other things about the world’s favorite teen Pop star may be being overlooked because of a distracting and fast paced lifestyle, and  could there be harmful long term effect?

Within a relatively small time span of maybe a year, or even less than that, he has gotten in high speed car chases with paparazzi, health speculations while on tour, pulled over for excessive speeding in LA, been the subject of a murder plot, and broke up with his first major girlfriend all in the public eye.  Just based on what we see  there’s a lot going on around this kid at an extremely rapid pace.  It’s also important to note that these pictures of him were reportedly taken the day after the well publicized death of  paparazzo Chris Guerra, who died reportedly trying to photograph the same kind of activity that is shown here.  All of this indicates to us that their is a passiveness or lack of awareness going on that because of who he is, and it  could be dangerous if unchecked.

We have a great deal of professional love for Justin and hope that he gets a handle on things while remaining safe.  He’s shown himself to be very charitably minded. He even visited a cancer patient  as recent as Saturday night.   His heart does seem to be in the right place with a lot of things.  We’d hate to see those genuine acts of kindness be tainted by the public’s perception that he needs to do it for good PR’s sake.  Stay outta trouble Bieber.  Click here for other exclusive photos by TMZ.