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Marina Chello: Bad Boy’s New Crazy Joint!

Marina Chello

Marina Chello

After making everything from history to TV and bands, Bad Boy Records continues to grow with the addition of its new imprint label, Crazy Joint.  Headed up by Bad Boy Records president Harve Pierre,  Crazy Joint brings Bad Boy and the rest of the world, their next “Top 40 Smoker.” Join Clizbeats and Bad Boy Records  president Harve Pierre, as we team up to introduce you to Clizbeats Featured Artist, Marina Chello.

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Audio Feature Credits
Host: Matt Clizbe
Interviewer: Craig Clizbe & Matt Clizbe
Written By: Matt Clizbe & Craig Clizbe
Produced By Craig Clizbe & Matt Clizbe
Mixed & Engineered By: Craig Clizbe
Production Assistant: Maggie Walsh
Special Thanks: Marina Chello, Harve Pierre, Maggie Walsh, Ulysses “Stretch” Garrett III, Sara Anwar, Crazy Joint Entertainment, Bad Boy Worldwide Entertainment Group & Atlantic Records