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Introducing Chester French: Exclusive Interview

Chester French

Chester French

Meet D.A. Wallach and Max Drummey, the latest big musical buzz to come straight out of the Ivy League of Harvard. They call themselves Chester French. Listen in and find out why industry heavy weights like Pharrell Williams, Jermaine Duprii, and Kanye West were all excited about the music these guys had to offer the world.  Listen to Clizbeats Productions’ exclusive “Introducing Chester French.”

“I LOVE it! You guys do an amazing job putting these together and the hard work is immediately obvious. Thank you for this wonderful exposure and for your support!”

-D.A. of Chester French talking about

Audio Feature Credits
Host: Matt Clizbe
Interviewer: Craig Clizbe
Written By Matt Clizbe
Produced Mixed & Engineered By: Craig Clizbe
Production Assistants: Molly Housel, D.A. Wallach, Max Drummey, David Clizbe & Lauren Burms
Special Thanks: Chester French, Pharrell Williams, Dennis Dennehy, Lauren Burns, Amanda Silverman, Kate Rosen, Molly Housel, David Clizbe, Star Trak/Interscope Records