Breaking News’s News Beat: Robin Thicke on Album #4!

Craig Clizbe, Robin Thicke, Matt Clizbe

For this edition of News Beat, we got our buddy, Robin Thicke to give us some hints on what’s to come for his yet to be titled 4th album. Get all caught up on everything going on with him right here.




Audio Feature Credits

Host: Matt Clizbe

Interviewers: Craig Clizbe & Matt Clizbe

Written By: Matt Clizbe
Produced, Mixed & Engineered By: Craig Clizbe
Production Assistants Nick Groff, Robin Thicke, Beth Gallagher
Special Thanks
Robin Thicke, Furqan, Nick Groff, Beth Gallagher, Molly Housel & Star Trak/Interscope Records